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I am kindly asking you to be at least decent enough to release an open firmware for the router, such as DD-WRT, so that we may continue to use it as we see fit. Because it has excelent hardware and design, we may be able to salvage our investment and even use the USB port as a media hub.

I have a lot to say about the way you treat and consider your consumers, but I'm sure you need all the time you can spare on the class of people that really matter to you.

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    Hi @vk84

    Thank you for sharing your suggestion.

    We designed and built SENSE for a particular purpose, which we believe for this purpose, our customers have been buying the product for.

    And our customers, whom we deeply care about, may continue to use it for that purpose as we keep maintaining the product and the service.

    SENSE hasn’t been designed and built as a generic-purpose HW device that can run the users’ firmware as they “see fit”.

    In addition, SENSE is not just the HW and the firmware running on it (and the app), it’s also a service.

    This whole package is used by our user community and we can’t release a custom or open firmware for it, we regret!

    We hope you’ll enjoy using it as it currently stands, including the HW, the app, the service and support.


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    Hi Sethu,

    The problem is that you have decided not to maintain it anymore!

    The users, like myself, have bought it with the aim of continuously having a subscription to F secure and thus having a certainty that the router has the latest in terms of security updates.

    Your company decided at some point to dedicate their time to companies, and as for the users, they sent you to tell me that in 2022, I will have a useless unsupported router.

    That's why I only asked you to be decent enough, and if you would provide some consideration to the customers who believed in your company and wanted to have a long term commitment, back then when you were trying to win over our trust.

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    It is not us, the customers who are leaving you. It is f secure who decided to close the doors on us, from a comfortable distance.

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