Linux Protection compatibility with Postfix/Mailscanner on CentOS

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I have a mail server running on a centos machine with postfix/mailscanner and f-secure as an antivirus engine. Up until now i had no problems using Linux Security product from f-secure ver 11.10 and emails get scanned for viruses and other malicious code. Yesterday I upgraded f-secure to Linux Protection as linux security is end of life support. But i noticed that the integration with mailscanner does not work anymore. Mailscanner has not been updated to reflect the changes associated with the new version of f-secure. F-secure linux protection is a completely new product. I tried to modify the wrapper script of mailscanner (f-secure-wrapper) to include fsanalyze executable (as fsav does not exist anymore) but with no success.

Is there a workaround or a compatibility option with the old version (fsav) i can write to the command line for mailscanner to work?

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi christsiav

    Are you using a script to run Linux Security version 11's fsav tool to scan emails ?

    Please note that now with Linux Security 64, fsav is no longer available but fsanalyze is provided instead so that script doesn't work anymore.

    We suggest to open a support case ( and explain how you have been using fsav and we could check if fsanalyze could be used instead of fsav in your use case.



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