SENSE Router seems to block Amazon Alexa (Echo) access to Amazon "credential locker service".

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My Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen) often stopped or eventually (self-) restarted.

I surveyed F-Secure SENSE Router app. on my Android phone, and found many "Block" for "Anti-Tracking".

I also found SENSE Router blocked access to "". When I put the site to my personal white list, the number of SENSE Router blockage is dramatically reduced.

Somebody, please tell me whether this ""(Japan) or ""(USA) is safe. I checked the address in some web site search as Google, Norton and Aguse, and they all answered "Safe".

I also would like to ask F-Secure will remove those sites from their black list, once F-Secure confirm it's safe.

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    Hi @MiracleBoy203

    If you want our Anti-Malware team to investigate a webpage for you, then you should open the following webpage:

    Remember to click on this bottom, if you want us to contact you with the result of the analyses: I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results​. 

    Remember to fill in the information, and describe the issue, so that we can analyze the situation and contact you. 


    Please post your question in English in the "Description" field.


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    Hello, Sethu san,

    I made some discussion with F-Secure. He confirmed ,

    "So far we can do right now is to check on the child domain of "" and we found that there is some non-safe url,

    we had further check on it and all of them were safe.".

    Then I hope F-Secure will soon release an update to my SENSE router excluding the child domains of from the black list. I am watching my SENSE router to see the number of the Anti-Tracking blocks everyday. (Now, the anti-tracking blocks are happening every hour, and my Amazon Echo Dots sometimes cause malfunction or silence due to my SENSE router.)

    Best regards,

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