Why is Big Sur showing as macOS 10.16.0?

PSB Portal is showing the operating system for mac's that have Big Sur installed as macOS 10.16.0. There is no 10.16.0 and Big Sur version number is 11.0 or the latest 11.01

Please fix it and reconfigure your version number generator 😉

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  • MonikaL
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    Hi MarttiNuudi,

    Products "see" Big Sur either as 10.16 or 11.0 based on what SDK they were built with. Client version 17.8.35217 was still built with SDK 10.15 and will keep reporting Big Sur as 10.16. Next release will be already built with SDK 11.0 and will "see" Big Sur as 11.0 or the latest 11.01 and will report it.



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