I have f-secure key active subscription but it doesn't show in ID

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I have f-secure key and a subscription that is valid until 2022. I was suggested to check the f-secure ID as that is taking place of the Key now, so I tried it on my pc. Now it took over my Key installation it seems, but I have no active subscription in it. Is there a way to get my subscription activated in the ID now? Or do I have to somehow uninstall it and install Key again? How do I transfer all my information back to the Key if I must go back.

The instructions on the website are very poor in regards to this, even when it suggests that I was supposed to be able to transfer from Key to ID with no problem if I have had subscription with the Key. And the chat is never active so I cannot ask help. My free period is running out on my PC side soon.

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  • jjuvani
    jjuvani Posts: 3 New Member
    Answer ✓

    I was able to finally get a hold of support from the chat, and this was solved. Thank you.



  • jjuvani
    jjuvani Posts: 3 New Member

    If this program on installation takes over my Key installation completely, then it should also allow my subscription to remain active. Otherwise it should install as separate program and not eat my Key installation.

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