Problems with F-Secure KEY & Firefox browser.

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  1. It worked for one day only. The next day, the F-Secure Key extension was GONE (vanished, uninstalled, completely missing) from Firefox.
  2. Reinstalled extension exactly per your instructions. But autofill now FAILS 100% o the time, always say no matching passwords found now, even though they ARE present in F-Secure desktop program.
  3. Clicking on F-Secure key icon in Firefox browser did NOT ask me for the copied authorization during or after 2nd install. There seems to be no way to 'authorize' it again. I've already tried UNinstalling the extension, restarting Firefox, etc. Still does not work.

Please advise how to make your product work as intended.


  • Lucaseuropa
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    Hi @FSafe_UserDW !

    Does the described problem concern Firefox Version 82.0 that was released on October 20, 2020?

    It might be that issue described here might also concern the F-Secure KEY autofill browser extension, I will be checking on that.

    In the meantime, could you please try the following steps:

    1. Open F-Secure KEY
    2. Enter your master password
    3. Go to settings on the left side menu
    4. Under General, disable Enable system autofill
    5. Reboot the computer
    6. Open F-Secure KEY and enter the master password
    7. Verify that Enable system autofill is still disabled
    8. Open the web browser
    9. Test now a few times if the issue is fixed

  • FSafe_UserDW
    FSafe_UserDW Posts: 15 Explorer

    Hi Lucaseuropa,

    I appreciate the info. I followed your directions, but F-Secure Key extension still fails to work properly. I also reviewed the info on

    I was using Firefox ESR 78.3.1.... so regular release 82 is not the only problematic Firefox version with regards to Key compatibility.

    I upgraded to latest ESR (ESR 78.4.0)... same problem. The Key extension cannot find a single password login/key match, even though they ARE there in the main Key program.


    Of note is that upon re-installing the Key extension in Firefox, then clicking on the icon, it does NOT ask for the authorization code again. (This may or may not be as designed?)

    Also of note, if one UNinstalls the F-Secure Key extension in Firefox, some related files do not appear to get removed, even after a reboot. Specifically, under Firefox profile folder, sub folder "extensions/staged," there is a folder named "[email protected]" that remains. And another folder under "browser-extension-data" with same name, containing a file named "[email protected]" that is not removed properly.

    Hopefully Firefox & F-Secure Key will one day repair their broken relationship, but in the meantime Key is useless. I can appreciate the difficulty that developers have trying to make extensions communicate properly when Mozilla is constantly "improving" their browser code, yet other password managers seem to be far more dependable than Key. I'll go back to using LastPass or Firefox built-in password management, which have never failed to work properly.

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