How to Log into a Verizon router and default username password

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Verizon router runs on fiber-optic which helps you to enjoy the highest quality internet service with supreme stability. So, you can easily stream high-quality HD videos without any buffering. To change some settings of your router you have to log-in to your router's settings.

 How to Log-in into Verizon router login

To login into Verizon router, you just have to follow some steps which are listed below

Step 1: Connect your device with a network

The first step is to connect your device with an internet connection. Make sure that your internet connection must be in good condition. You can connect your device through wi-fi also but make sure that you have the password of the Wi-fi connection. If you don't have any wi-Fi connection then you can use an ethernet cable.

Step 2: Open your browser and type

Open your browser and type the IP address of the Verizon. There are many different IP addresses available but is the most commonly used IP address for Verizon routers.

Step 3: Filling proper credentials

After completing these steps, your next step is to fill all the credentials correctly which are asked in the log-in page of the Verizon router. It mostly asked for username and password.

 Note:- the password of the Verizon router is written on the backside of the router.

 Step 4: Make the changes and enjoy the services

Now, make the changes according to your preference and save it. 



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    Thank you for putting the verizon router directions in here!!! 😉

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