How can I secure fsecure extension from easily being removed?

Itorian Posts: 2 New Member

Seems my daughter easily removes it while I'm at work and my wife is not computer geeky at all. I have home version of windows and get by with regent knowledge and powershell beginner knowledge. Please help, I finally decided to register and am this question.

Respectfully a begging parent


  • deby_beams
    deby_beams Posts: 5 New Member

    if you are working in google chrome, than I'd suggest you just to hide the extension by pressing Extensions --> Unpin extension

    dont know what else to say, tbh

    good luck!

  • Itorian
    Itorian Posts: 2 New Member

    My apologizes, using Microsoft Edge. Daughter quite smart at 11 now.

  • deby_beams
    deby_beams Posts: 5 New Member

    You tell me, huh. My son is 10 and it's a nightmare.

    I'm doing a blog, but I think he knows more about how stuff in the internet works...

    As for the Edge browser, that's what I found:

    Most extensions place an icon in the classic Edge toolbar. Sometimes this is useful, but for those extensions that don't need to be visible all the time, you can hide them in the Settings and more menu by right-clicking them and choosing de-selecting “Show next to address bar.”

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