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I have Total subscription and recently got an offer to buy Sense to be used with the Total subscription.

Will any of the functionality of Sense remain when the Total subscription ends?

I assume the I can buy extension to the subscription and then Sense will function as before.

If I buy a new Total license can that particular Sense be attached to the new license or in general can a Sense unit be switched from one Total Subscription to another?

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  • martink
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I was thinking of this: Special offer: SENSE security router

    The email says

    Order the SENSE router in My F‑Secure to get your discount. After the purchase, this home protection continues to be part of your TOTAL subscription with no additional costs.

    That sounds like it will be automatically added to the TOTAL subscription.

    Can it be taken off the subscription and used separately or moved to another Total subscription?

  • Jaims
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    Hi @martink

    For this promotion, SENSE router will be part of you TOTAL subscription if you order through My F-Secure.

    You will not be able to separate them but SENSE security will be active so far your TOTAL subscription is active.

  • martink
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    Thank you for response.

    That clears how it works while the TOTAL subscription is active.

    I am still wondering what works when the Totals subscription for one reason or another is no longer active.

    Does it function as a router, can it be associated with another subscription; can I buy protection for it etc?

  • martink
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    That was the answer I was after.

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