Why was Grouped by Vendor updates removed?

If you don't put it back, I'll have to end my partnership with F-Secure.

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  • MonikaLMonikaL Posts: 98 Moderator
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    Hi Cassandra,

    We are in the middle of many improvements to the Patch management, also selecting vendor will come back at some point (as a filter), but we'll look at prioritizing the "Select all".

    We will aim to improve in Q4 this year. We do not have an exact time frame but currently our assumption is that we'll be delivering a few improvements for patch management during Q4 2020 and continuing it on that in Q1 2021.





  • CassandrasKidCassandrasKid Posts: 6 New Member

    If I want to send Microsoft updates, I want to click one square and send them all to all customers.

    If I want to send ITunes updates...I want to click one square, not 200 squares. Again, if you don't put that feature back I'll end our relationship.

    I hear Sophos or Sentinel One are great products.

  • CassandrasKidCassandrasKid Posts: 6 New Member

    thank you

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