Install F-Secure Email and Server Security 14.01 on MS Exchange 2016 Edge server

We have exported a .jar-file to a .msi-package.

When we try to install the package on an MS Exchange 2016 Edge-server (not domain joined) we receive the error 'Install requires Microsoft Exchange version 2013 or later'. Installing the same package on an MS Exchange 2016 Mailbox-server (domain joined) is not a problem.

Powershell shows the rights version:

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-ExchangeServer EdgeServer|ft name,serverrole,edition,admindisplayversion

Name     ServerRole   Edition AdminDisplayVersion

EdgeServer      Edge Enterprise Version 15.1 (Build 1979.3)

Is there anybody who knows what to do?


  • jameschjamesch Posts: 155 Moderator

    Hi Kewo

    Can you please clarify if there is actually no domain or it is just a separate domain?

    Generally default domain should be enough.

    I suggest to log a support ticket and provide us the FSDiag of that server.

  • KewoKewo Posts: 2

    The Edge-servers in our environment are members of a workgroup, because they aren't domain joined.

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