Key No Longer Syncs Passwords Across Devices

kbbjr Posts: 5 New Member

I've had to recover my gmail account twice now because this application can't keep passwords synced. And yes, I tried the 'Sync now' option off of Help, About

This application used to be it sucks.

That is all...

Accepted Answer


  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 724 Moderator

    Hi @kbbjr

    Are you using the F-Secure KEY on your smartphone or desktop machine?

    F-Secure KEY has now replaced by ID protection. You can refer this KB article to know more how to switch to F-Secure ID protection.

  • kbbjr
    kbbjr Posts: 5 New Member

    Downloading and installing ID protection on a laptop is how I found the problem. That box and others still have the problem.

    I have Key on laptops and phones.

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