Cloud protection for Microsoft 365

CreativePCCreativePC Posts: 15 New Member

Hi. Has anyone installed the new Cloud protection for 365? It should be easy and done in a couble of minutes. But when add the 365 service everything looks fine , status is pending for a few minutes, then error! No explanation, just error!

Have sent a request to support but still no answer from them so maybe someone with knowledge is reading this?



  • jameschjamesch Posts: 255 Moderator

    Hi Tommy

    Can you please provide a screenshot which will help us to understand better at which stage you are experiencing the issue.

    If you have the case #, kind send me a private message so I can followup on your behalf.

  • CreativePCCreativePC Posts: 15 New Member

    It now working. Got answer from F-secure support that they had problems yesterday.

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