Key opens only a grey box in Chrome


I frequently get only a grey empty box when clicking on the Key icon as I try to log in on different sites. I use Chrome (latest version) and Win 10.

This is quite annoying and it seems as the problem is increasing over time (more and more grey boxes).

Any help greatly appreciated.


  • Sethu
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    edited June 2020

    Hi @Lingvafix

    If you see grey KEY extension, please kindly disable and enable the two options Minimize ID protection and Start ID protection through F-Secure KEY app. For that, you will need to open F-Secure KEY> Settings> General, where you can have two options under Startup and Exit Behavior

    If issue remain, you will also try re-install the auto-fill extension to see if that solve the issue.

    However, we have recently introduced the F-Secure ID protection that replaced the F-Secure KEY app. You can find more details here and here.

  • JOnes
    JOnes Posts: 314 Rising Star

    Is there a known "root cause" for this behaviour(id-protection+chrome,ff+randomly missing automatic filling failure in browser ).At least the name of the chrome extension after id-protection update(F-Secure Key password manager) is slightly confusing.The presented workaround for this issue is somewhat "old fashioned".(uninstall/reinstall,disable/enable)..

  • Lingvafix
    Lingvafix Posts: 3
    edited June 2020

    Hi, I did all of the mentioned disabling/enabling/re-installing but none of them helped. As @JOnes states this error occurs randomly. Any more suggestions?

    By the way there were no links (if meant to be) to finding more details about F-Secure ID protection.

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