2 subscriptions - which one am I using?


Just discovered I have 2 subscriptions to f-secure key. One was taken in 2018 and the other in 2019. The prices are different: SEK 269 and SEK 126,38.

Now to the problem (apart from obviously not needing two different accounts). How can I find out which of the two accounts I am using? I have more than 100 passwords stored in one of them, but I do not know which one. And if I cancel the wrong subscription it would be a disaster.

Both subscriptions are connected to the same google account by the way.

Please help, asks confused customer :-)


  • Ukko
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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Maybe it is possible to ask their official support agents for assistance (for example, web chat):

    But just as a discussion between users. And sorry for my suggestions since I am not friendly and sure about Android platform design of its subscriptions (so my words can be too much strange):

    • how you found about two subscriptions? This information is placed somewhere on your account? Or it is based on purchase(?) emails? If so - maybe it was renewal? I mean is it really two active subscriptions?
    •  perhaps, F-Secure KEY application should be with 'About' tab and settings. Where some information is visible. Some IDs, maybe even redeemed voucher and so. If you could not find it - I can try to check where it is placed on my device/installation.
    • I can to recommend (maybe) to sync your device with desktop and to export your passwords as a backup before any further actions.

    Actually, subscription is required for sync between devices (KEY Premium) and if you already with synced devices - then you can to export your passwords on desktop (Windows device, for example). Then, it is a bit more safely situation if something goes wrong.

    And, just in case, both subscriptions are about different expiration time?


  • Palmis
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    Hi, thanks for your answer!

    I can see the two subscriptions in my google account, under "payments and subscriptions". And yes, the periods are different :-)

    I have the f-secure app on three different devices, where they synchronize with each other. I am afraid that if I cancel my subscription all three apps will "disappear" due to the synchronization.

    I've tried mailing the support team but I get an automatic reply suggesting I ask my question in the community, or give them a call. Sounds like the web chat would be a good idea though :-)

    Thanks again, Eva

  • Ukko
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    Well, since purchase/expiration dates are known - you could try to check this information on devices. However, if three devices are synchronized between each other - then they should use only one subscription (but good to check this too).

    My Android installation with next view:

    • swipe(?) main F-Secure KEY screen to open the menu (left to right); or by clicking "three lines" logo (top left corner).
    • then scroll (if not all options are visible) menu to bottom and to choose "Help"-item (or so called item between 'Options/Settings' and 'Other F-Secure Apps').
    • under "Help" menu to open "About" (should be first item on the list).
    • under "About" menu to find at the bottom (close to bottom) item with wording about "System information" (before further sync data state).
    • under "System information" there should be some entries. Some of them are about 'Purchase date' and 'Valid until' (even used voucher if exist). So, maybe you could try to compare 'valid until' date with Google Account payments/subscriptions place and to understand what is your active subscription on that device.


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