Connecting two SENSE routers

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  • tK1175_
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    Few follow-up questions:

    a] will SENSE Router 2 create new home network or can be used as an "extender" for SENSE Router 1 home network (ie. that user can access SSID of SENSE Router 1 via SENSE Router 2)?

    b] can SENSE Router app be used to manage more that 1 SENSER Router? If not, that means that with 2 SENSE Routers I need 2 mobiles - can you confirm?

    c] from other forum discussion I understand that using SENSE Router with regular extender device is not recommended. Would this mean a security risk for the home network?

    d] is it a possibility to strengthen the signal of SENSE Router or does it come pre-configured and can't be changed by the customer?

    Thank you.

  • Jaims
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    Hi @tK1175_

    It is possible to have more than one F-Secure SENSE routers if you wish to expand your WiFi range, however you need to configure them separately. Depending on how you wish to setup you SSID, you can have the same SSID for both routers while your connecting devices would automatically switch to the strongest available frequencies (2.4ghz or 5ghz).

    This means that each SENSE router would have its own SENSE admin app.

    You can have a regular extender connected to SENSE router but we always recommend direct connection to SENSE network if possible.

    SENSE, from time to time, receives firmware upgrades but understanding WiFi limitation is key and it's advisable to place the router in a central location with less or no obstructions in other to get the absolute best WiFi connection.

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