Server Security Premium 14.10 - Browsing Protection misconfigured

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We have 3 servers running Server Security Premium 14.10 and applying the same domain policy.

This domain policy disabled the Web Protection module but one of these servers doesn't respect the domain policy and keep the Web Protection Module enabled.

How can i troubleshoot this problem ?


  • Jamesch
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    Hi orouet

    When you say Web Protection, you meant Browsing Protection module ?

    Are all these servers running the same build image ? Could it be that the affected server is running a different image which keeps applying Browsing Protection instead, and ignoring the GPO ?

  • orouet
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    Yes i mean Browsing Protection, all servers are playing FS SSP 14.10 but one does not apply the policy.

    My main problem is to find the way to troubleshoot bad policy application on hosts.

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