Sense Router loses the Internet connection when a Macbook tries to access the Internet.

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My Sense Router loses its Internet connection when a Macbook tries to connect to the Internet through any browser.

Only after restarting the Sense Router can other devices access the Internet again.

It has already been tried to access the Internet with another Macbook to ensure that it is not a defect on the Macbook. With the other Macbook it comes to the same behavior.

Is the problem known?

Does anyone have an idea what it could be (For example, a setting in the router that could be the reason for the problem)?

And sorry for my bad English.


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    Hello @ZCM

    Sometime changing WiFi channels should fix the connection issue. Please click here to see the steps how to change the WiFi channel via Sense admin app.

    If the issue still persists, you may consider to change the DNS server via SENSE app by following the instructions here.

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