F-Secure for Salesforce - unable to upload a file after iterative configuration

Good afternoon, I'm experiencing some concerning behavior after installing the F-secure module.

Initially installed the F-Secure packaged application.

Performed simple configuration - blocking specific file types.

This was successful - prohibited file types were successfully blocked and displayed in the "Summary - Analytics" tab.

After making further configuration changes related to notification settings - added email address for "Send From" and "Send to"- the Salesforce-wide file upload functionality stopped working across the org.

I am receiving the following error in the file upload dialog box: "Can't upload Test file.docx."

That message is followed by a Salesforce banner message "Can't upload 1 file."

I have turned off all Fsecure settings and am still unable to upload a file. I receive the same 2 error messages above.

I am able to successfully upload the same Test file.docx file to another Salesforce org where Fsecure is not installed.

There are no additional logs in the Fsecure console of blocking activities (before or after disabling the Fsecure protection settings).

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  • HRuusinen
    HRuusinen Posts: 2 F-Secure Employee

    Hi Dan,

    I replied to your email message and I will schedule a meeting with you that we can solve the problem immediately.

    Configuring the sender address shouldn’t cause any issues but make sure that you have verified the address that Salesforce can use it. I would like to see what kind of triggers (ContentVersion/ContentDocument/Attachment/email) you have in your Salesforce org.

  • Dmitriy
    Dmitriy Posts: 212 F-Secure Employee

    To confirm a culprit, have you tried to revert the notification settings? Or even reset configuration to default settings (Reset button on Administration > Tools page)?

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