F-Secure 14 does not use Engine Aquarius?

F-Secure 14 does not use Aquarius Engine, I am having a lot of problems with new threats, practically no new threats are being detected in version 14.22, mainly the .msi and .lnk threats

I looked in the update history, it is not even listed, is it possible to enable it?

In dbtracker it appears only for Server 12



  • Vad
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    Hello Everson,

    F-Secure products stopped using Aquarius in the beginning of 2019. It is not possible to enable this engine back in any way.

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  • Everson
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    It is a pity, I believe that this change was not for technical reasons, since since last year I have noticed a low level of malware detection by F-Secure.

    All threats that I receive, go undetected by F-Secure, something that rarely happened with the Bitdefender Engine.

    I have already sent the samples for analysis, I have already opened a ticket to improve the detection of .msi and .lnk amations, but to no avail.

    After 12 years using F-Secure, this should be the last year, we will look for another solution on the market.

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    it seems only you got the idea "since last year I have noticed a low level of malware detection by F-Secure."

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