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Hi. I have a PSB license with one Freedom for Business subscription included. I installed and used the product on my IPhone last year . 

This subscription expired a few months ago, but now it is active again.

However I'm not able to reactivate the subscription on my iPhone.

I delete the application from my iPhone (both App and data), remove the device from the PSB Portal, add a new device on PSB Portal with the same email address and iPhone number as the previous device.

I received the email, reinstalled the App on iPhone, but now when I click on the "Activate for IOS" link in the email, the App simply open the start page, and if I try to Activate the protection (VPN), it tells me the subscription is expired.

Could you show me the right procedure to reactivate the subscription on the iPhone? Thanks

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    Hi Dejar,


    In case there was previously Freedome for Business installed on the device, make sure that it (and our MDM profile) is properly removed. Then try installation again.


    An issue with activation on iOS-devices where the registration token wasn't properly accepted by the device was also remedied with release version 2.8.9. If you've tried to install earlier versions, it would be good to verify if the problem still appears with the latest version.

    To uninstall the MDM profile from an iOS device:


    Note: The following instructions remove both the MDM profile and the Freedome for Business app. To continue using Freedome for Business, you need to reinstall the app after uninstalling the MDM profile.


    Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and then select Mobile Device Management
    Tap Remove Management
    Enter you device passcode
    To confirm, tap Remove Management.


    Remove the previous installation on the problematic device and re-install the product. Installation steps can be found here.



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