uninstall F-Secure Client Security 14.10 on multiple laptops



We need to uninstall F-Secure Client Security 14.10 on multiple laptops for a specific AD container (site).

We tried using intune by launching the fsuninstall command (and using the correct parameters), but intune was unable to do this.  The same command works flawlessly when launched from a cmd prompt on the client.

What can we do to easily automate the uninstall for many laptops?

In the PM GUI I can only click "Uninstall" for one specific client I think? Shouldn't this be included in the GUI?

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    There is an "F-Secure Uninstallation Tool" for Windows:




    Best regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • We already tested the uninstall tool, but unfortunately, Microsoft Intune doesn't seem to be able to run this command succesfully.  When we run the tool manually on the laptop in a CMD prompt, it works perfectly (FsUninstallationTool.exe --silent), but we can't get it to run with Intune.

    What would be the best method to run this tool remotely on a large number of Windows workstations?
    Or maybe other ways (not with the uninstall tool) to easily remove the f-secure client in bulk?



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    Hi krisvdv


    How many clients do you need to uninstall ?


    If you need to do a mass-uninstall, you can use the UNINSTALL operation available in the INSTALLATION tab in F-Secure Policy Manager, however make sure the context is correct. Meaning you have the correct sub-domain (with eg. only server hosts) or a particular host selected (when performing the operation) on the left pane.


    Once done, distribute the policies. The client will be uninstalled when it receives the policy. A reboot is not performed after uninstallation, however installing a different end-point protection client likely will require a reboot of the host

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