Can PSB Computer Protection Premium automatically isolate from network the workstation in case of ra

Hi all. I'm evaluating the use of Premium version instead of Standard version of Computer Protection. The Premium version focuses a lot on ransomware prevention, so one of my customers asked me if the software can automatically isolate the endpoint from the network.

I searhed the documentation and the forum, but I was not able to find the answer. 

Could you tell me something about that?

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi DejarIT


    As far as I am aware,  you can only manually isolate on the PSB Product.


    The main difference between the normal and the Premium product is DataGuard (this is the part that you are referring to for Ransomware, it is essentually a module that attaches on top of Deepguard for  advance behavioural analysis) and Application control, with these two together, you can lock down applications and create ACLs for trusted applications or let it automatically decide what it thinks is trusted with some clever machine learning and so on.


    If you would like to have the auto-isolation feature, you have to use their EDR product, which bolts onto the EPP.  This is call F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response, which gives you an overview of the endpoint with an analysis of possible unwanted activity on the machine such as scripts and recon.


    I Hope this helps.

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