KEY window size issues on MacOS Catalina

I've noticed some usability issues on MacOS Catalina:

  • When I switch from a higher resolution external monitor to using just the laptop screen, after starting KEY it will open filling the whole screen. The windows size should be stored relative to screen resolution and not actual pixels.
  • When I start KEY, log in, enter full screen mode and quit, the next time I open KEY it will open in full screen mode, but will be missing the top window bar. I can get back to windowed mode by clicking the KEY application on the dock. After this if I resize the window while viewing passwords from the bottom right corner, the password list will not resize with the window and the scroll bar + the arrow icons will not be visible. Even If I quit the application and restart it, the same will happen. This happens untill I manually lock and unlock the application. Now, I don't ever enter fullscreen mode, but this happens to be often after switching from external to internal monitors and this was just the simplest way to replicate the issue.


  • Jaims
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    Hi @MattiMeikäläine 


    Do you face same issue on other apps or just on F-Secure Key only?


    It appears that your Mac does not automatically switch the settings or the F-Secure Key does not auto detect the changes once the monitor has been disconnected. It is recommended that you use the default resolution but you can manually change it and see if this helps. 


    For this reason, I would suggest you try the below settings which is for primary display; 

    1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, click Displays, then click Display.

    2. Select Scaled, then select one of the options. 


    You can read more on Apple support page.

  • Hi @Jaims 


    Thank you for your reply. I would argue that the problem lies within F-Secure Key and not my computer's main display's resolution which is set to "Default for display". None of the other numerous application I use are affected by this issue.


    I hope you can pass along my post to the F-Secure Key development team or product owner. They will likely be able to at least reproduce the second issue easily as it requires no external display to manifest itself.

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