Key Premium auto-activation not working + Personal F-Secure community account deleted

Since about few weeks ago, I cannot synchronize any of the 5 devices I've installed and used F-Secure Key on for years already. Currently, I have installed the software to 2 Windows PCs and 3 Android devices.
The application says I'm using Key Free version on ALL devices although the Google Play order has been automatically charging the Premium subcription since Oct 2014 once a month.


Also, I've previously registered to F-Secure community account (and raised also a support question via that account a few years ago) but seems like it has been destroyed and I had to register again (using same email address). This is unacceptable behaviour.


  • Jaims
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    Hi @juhaar 


    I would suggest you check the Android device with the Google Account that was used to make the purchase and ensure that the ID is same as what was used at the time of purchase.


    Kindly note that F-Secure KEY from Google Play now checks for subscription status each time user opens the App. You may also try to kill the app and open it again.


    You may want to reinstall on that Android then restore the purchase if you have your passwords updated on the other devices.

  • Hi Jaims,


    Thanks for reply. However, F-Secure Key application Premium was activated the next day after my mail, in all 5 devices (3 Android devices AND 2 Windows 10 PCs) without doing any Key application updates/reinstallations at all to any of those devices.

    I don't think the application for Windows would use Google Play subscription, does it?


    Why there was about 2 weeks of faulty subscription information on all those 5 devices, I'm not sure.

  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 860 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @juhaar 


    If other devices have been updated with your passwords, reinstalling on one will not nullify your premium subscription. 


    You only need the Premium Key to be updated on the Android since it was purchased from Google Play Store, after which you generate the code on that same Android, then sync on all devices including Windows PC. 


    Regarding your old community posts, you are unable to access them anymore because you replaced your userID. Kindly search using your old ID and you will be able to see your old profile. Please note that you can only have one profile at a time and both cannot coexist. 

  • Hi Jaims,


    Can you read my posts more carefully, please? I think there's been a serious service disruption in the synchronization service between devices, or then there may be a major design fault in the entire Key synchronization design between the servers and devices (and however the commercial agreements have been done with all participants).


    I have used the same password for ALL my devices successfully for a long time now. I also tried my password quite many times on all 5 devices, and it failed every single time, including using copy-paste from the F-Secure Key application itself.


    All 5 devices were informing that I don't have the Key Premium account, and therefore I couldn't use ANY device to be the synchronization device for other devices.


    Does your post suggest that I MUST use the same device (just a phone) for eternity which I used to register my first F-Secure Key application purchase from? If so, you have a serious design fault in the Key application in regards of how the first time registration is done. It shouldn't matter whether it was registered originally for a Windows device or for an Android device, nor the IMEI code of the first Android device used for the initial registation. Also, do understand that all phones can be resetted to factory settings.


    About the other issue:


    My community email account was wiped out. The forgotten password (which I didn't forget since I stored that to my F-Secure Key service) service doesn't require any specific userID but an email address. For forgotten passwords (in case I typed it incorrectly several times or copy/paste from F-Secure Key application didn't work), it didn't recognize my registered email address, nor sent any such email to me like a normal password reset options in a properly working commercial web page design should work.





  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 860 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @juhaar 


    Thank you for your detailed response. 


    I must admit that there is indeed some disruption in the synchronization of your Premium subscription and this cause, has affected all 5 devices. 


    The primary reason why I focused on the Android device was because your Premium subscription is linked to your Google Play Store. If that subscription fails to be activated on that platform, then all devices will also fail to sync.


    Would you mind viewing your active Play Store subscription to double-check that the purchase is still there? If not, you may have to sign out and sign in again and restore the purchase, perhaps in future you change device, you are required to only sign-in with the same Google ID and then restore the purchase.


    Purchases made on our website has a different activation procure as it provides you with a Premium code that can be administered on any device. Subseqent re-activation can be done on any device but for your case, your activation requires the Google Play activation, it could be on any Android device though, so far you login with the ID used in making the purchase. 


    If this issue persists, we may have to send you a private message to send us some logs/screenshot so we could investigate further. 


    About your old account, it was not delete as we can still view it on our end. I may have to include it in the private message for more clarification.




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