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I have an issue with sync between devices, although the premium subscription is active. I would guess that started a few weeks ago, at least I changed a major passwort at that time and I now find it not sync'd to other devices. Strangely nobody else seem to have this issue, I only found subscription related sync problems here in the forum.


Even after a forced sync in the help menu, new/changed entries do not show on other devices. I'm using mainly Apple devices with the latest OS versions and F-Secure Key 4.9.5 with about 270 entries, subscription via Apple app store, valid till 27/01/2020.


As I might have the latest passwords for different accounts on different devices, I would like to avoid a reset and reinstall if possible, do you have any idea how to get it working again?


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  • Jaims
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    Hi @Psio 


    On how many device(s) do you curently have active Premium running?


    Could you try to generate the code from any of the active devices and not just one then see if that works, advisably from a non Apple device.

  • Psio
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    I mainly use my iPhoneXR, iPad Pro 2.Gen and iMac (2015), all latest OS versions. I just now installed Key on a Win 10 Laptop and linked it to an iPhone generated ID. That worked only once (but it shows less passwords than the iPhone) and now says that I have don't have an active sub. I have attached a few screenshots to show the difference between iPad, iPhone and PC (sorry, only german version installed). Now when I try to activate the PC version with an iPad or iPhone created ID I get a wrong Id error or nothiong happens at all.


    Also when I search for the latest password I created on the iPad, it does not show up on the iPhone nor the PC.


    Thanks for the help!

    iPad status.jpgiPad Subscription.jpgiPhone PW.jpgiPhone Subscription.jpgPC Status.jpgPC Subscription.jpg



  • Jaims
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    Hi @Psio 


    It seems Premium is not active on all the device, except the iPhone (as I can see in the screenshot), so we need to further verify the validity of the iPhone as well. What is the validity when you go to the Subscription tab on all the devices?


    Also, is there any error when you attempt to sync from the iPhone, which is the device with the highest number of stored passwords?  Maybe we could try to clear the DNS cache by pulling up bottom menu and press on Airplane Mode button, wait 5-10 seconds and then press again to disable it. Then launch the F-Secure KEY app again then try to sync.



  • Psio
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    Hi @Jaims 


    No, the iPad is premium too as you can see in the screenshots, only the fresh PC install was without sub. Now back home (I travel a lot and then have flightmode on regularly and use different international mobile providers so I guess a network issue isn't the cause) I can see that the iMac also lost subscription and behaves like the PC - when I try to connect the devices with an iPhone or iPad code, hitting enter after typing in the sync code nothing happens, and than a second time enter I get the error message that the synchronization code is incorrect. It looks like the iPhone and the iPad can't  generate valid sync codes?


    Both have a valid sub till 27/01/2020, but they do have different password info as you can see from the screenshot, are all devices without premium although the subscription info on iPhone/iPad says they have?




  • Jaims
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    Hi @Psio 


    In that case, let us activate Premium on the windows PC (please see your inbox) first, after which you should generate a sync code from that computer and use on the iOS devices. You may then sync the passwords once that is done.


    You will have all the passwords merged.


    Please let us know if this solves the sync issue. 

  • Psio
    Psio Posts: 6

    I could activate my Win PC with the supplied product key, but no further success. It feels like every installation which got into "contact" with my active premium subscription is kinda corrupted.


    Strange is, that linking a device causes a single snychronization, but it does not pass the subscription info to the device. Status:


    iPhone active, no sync

    iPad active, no sync

    iMac not active, no sync

    Steps so far:

    Fresh install on Win PC, used a code generated on iPhone, single sync (I have the passwords from the iPhone now on that pc), but it does not show premium, nor does it sync any changes

    Successfully activated premium on Win PC with the key you supplied, shows premium status

    Couldn't activate premium on my iMac key installation with a code genereted on Win PC

    Booted up my old gameing pc, installed f-secure key and tried to activate it with a code from my Win PC, again a single sync, but no activation.


    Tbh, I'm losing hope. I now canceled my subscription through Apple and will try to link the devices again after the 27th when my sub ends. Worst case would be a fresh install on all devices. Is there a way to download or store locally all passwords on a secure device in order to feed them later into a new installation? And I'm the only one with this strange behaviour?


    Thanks for the help so far!

  • Jaims
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    Hi @Psio 


    Many thanks for your persistent effort, patience and understanding. 


    Yes, you may be correct to say that the Premium subscription did not sync on all devices although the passwords have all been merged. This may be because of the new code that was integrated into the Windows PC. 


    If you choose to reinstall the program on all your devices, we recommend exporting the passwords, although User Data can still be retained on the Windows PC when reinstallation is done to enable all passwords to be updated without having to import them. However, I will still recommend you export on all devices before the uninstallation. Click here to see how to export F-Secure Key data.

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