fshdll32 trying to send to Microsoft on port 25

One of my Windows 10 PCs has been trying to send on port 25 to a variety of addresses registered to Microsoft every 10 minutes. I finally caught the process in the act and it turns out to be fshdll32. Does anyone know why this process is sending email to Microsoft?


  • MonikaL
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    Hi Bulbous,


    The Policy Manager uses SMTP Protocol for alert sending, and that could be the reason you found outgoing traffic on port 25, and this traffic is managed by the Policy Manager.


    The fshdll32.exe ia a host process for 32 bit components, and is basically to minimize created processes. Port 25 is the default SMTP non-encrypted port and so it cannot be changed.




  • Outbound Port 25 is not permitted on our network (and often in general). If we cannot change this port, can we at least get a list of destination IPs so it can be selectively allowed?

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    Hi bulbous


    No, we do not have static destination IP addresses, as we use dynamic IP.

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