Browser Protection plugin prevents Chrome to start, cmd.exe issue

Due to security reasons access to command prompt and usage of batch files have been prevented on our workstations. 


This seems to be a problem with Google Chromes Browsing protection by F-Secure -plugin. If it is enabled Chrome can be started once after computer reboot. As this is done Chrome starts with cmd.exe, which now can't do anything on our computers. When Chrome is shutdown chrome.exe and cmd.exe processes fail to close. This prevents Chrome restart until these processes are killed either manually or with computer restart.


I have instructed users to disable Chrome Browsing protection or to keep Chrome running the whole time computer is on. 


Command prompt and batch file prevention was enabled during a task where strict control of allowed scripts was enforced. This issue with F-Secure is a unforseen byproduct of the task.


Is there a way for me to fix this issue?


Apparently Chrome's F-Secure extension utilizes command prompt in some form when the browser starts. Would it be possible for F-Secure to recode this part of the software? Can you use PowerShell instead?


We have F-Secure Computer Protection with patch management enabled. Will the prevention to use command prompt cause some other issues with F-Secure software?

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    Our Chrome extension needs to start an application to communicate with the rest of the product. It's probably getting blocked and plugin misbehaves because of that.

    You don't really need to disable Browsing Protection - it's enough to disable Chrome plugin. After that application should not be started and Chrome should work.

    Browsing Protection will work without Chrome plugin and it only cannot show some icons in browser search etc, but main protection technologies are not running in this plugin



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