Sense and Fortnite on PS4

MJO Posts: 52 Active Engager

Sense tracking protection is causing connection issues in Fortnite and if i disable it everything works fine.


Is there anything that can be done to this issue or do i need to disable tracking protection when i want to play few games of Fortnite?


i posted this same issue on Finnish support forum 4 weeks ago, but it seems impossible to get any answers from F-Secure there, so hopefully someone in here can help.


  • gamelo9g
    gamelo9g Posts: 1 New Member

    F-Secure Sense tracking safety handiest prevents internet site or any application that tries to music you. Sometime, the F-Secure Security application will try to block or recall positive applications or web sites as a capacity hazard of thefortnitemaps  for the games and their setup. This additionally is probably distinctly taken into consideration as a fake-advantageous record

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