Computer Protection for MacOS upgrade



Is there a way to automatically apply upgrades to Computer Protection on MacOS?


Most of my clients don't have administrative rights to perform the upgrade.


Is there a community topic where I can sign up to get information on upcoming release dates?

Can I do the upgrade from terminal without using the gui?



Martti Nuudi


  • MonikaL
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    Hi Martti,


    The users with F-Secure Computer Protection for MAC need to be administrators to perform the Computer Protection client update. This is a requirement of the Operating System and not from F-Secure. Hence, yes, administrative rights are required.


    It is impossible to update automatically, as on the Windows platform, and this is due to the security on OSX. It must always be done manually and requires a default administrator account. The need for the administrator account can be changed by changing a multitude of settings, but this lowers security and is not recommended by Apple.




  • MarttiNuudi
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    Thank you for clearing that up. I also found the topic "Computer Protection for Mac change log" and now I know when to look for upgrades.


    Can I do the upgrade from terminal without using the gui if I have administrative rights?

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