Duplicate computernames in F-Secure console

I do have a lot of duplicate computernames in F-Secure.

Is there a possibility to do a cleanup with a tool, so that only 1 computername remains?


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  • jameschjamesch Posts: 291 Moderator

    Hi Agrar


    If you are using the method to "Generate Random Global Unique ID" to create a host identification string, it may happen that after reinstallation or upgrading the host this identification string is regenerated and the client effectively seen as new host in the F-Secure Policy Manager Server's domain tree.


    Depending on the settings in your F-secure Policy Manager Server (Tools > Server Configuration > Hosts), the older host will be seen as disconnected of the defined number of days. 

    After another defined period of days, it will be removed from the domain tree of your F-secure Policy Manager Server.

  • AgrarAgrar Posts: 24

    I would like to avoid that users who are on hollidays have their pc removed from the console.

    So I just need to eliminate duplicate pc names.

    Is that possible without checking every pc name?

  • MonikaLMonikaL Posts: 182 Moderator

    Hi Agrar,


    You may check the following values set in the Policy Manager Console at Tools > Serer configuration > Hosts:


    Consider hosts disconnected after:

    Remove disconnected hosts after:


    You may change these values as per your requirement to avoid the hosts from getting disconnected while the users are away.


  • AgrarAgrar Posts: 24

    What happens when I remove computer of the console and later the user starts pc and continue working on it.

    Does the pc works without protection or does the console adds the pc back to the list?

  • jameschjamesch Posts: 291 Moderator

    Hi Agrar


    To answer your original question, you will need to remove duplicates manually.

    Regarding your last question, the host should re-appear in Console after sending full status (pressing check now in local UI should help with immediate sending)

  • AgrarAgrar Posts: 24

    If I understand it well, I can automatically have remove disconnected pc's after lets say 2 weeks.

    I I removed one where the user is on hollidays e.g. during 4 weeks, that removed pc will come back automatically?

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