guest network vs non-guest network protections

I have a lot of router questions! lol


Does the guest wifi provide the same protections as the nonguest wifi? Is it more secure to use the guest wifi than the non-guest wifi?


 I noticed that I am not able to connect to the Sense settings app when on the guest wfi which I guess is an added security feature  to keep "guests" from modifying the router settings?


The reason I ask is because in the past with a different (not f-secure) router I found an unknown device connected to my home network. Not sure how a device could connect to my network because I use very long complex passwords and lock down the router settings and kept router firmware always updated Smiley Sad

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    Hi @JamesW 


    Yes, the F-Secure SENSE Guest WiFi feature extends the gateway protection features to your guests too but will not allow you access to the router interface for security reasons - it has been deliberately designed that way.


    Kindly read more here.

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