Howto prevent automatic installation Microsoft KB4517389 in F-Secure Client Security Premium 14.10

We do have the problem that on some computers the KB4517389 fails to install and we want to prevent Client Security to try install it.



  • JBark
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    Hi Agrar
    What type of problem did you have with KB4517389?


  • Agrar
    Agrar Posts: 24

    I can't install it, AV tries to install it every day.

    But problem is solved now, found it.

  • Agrar
    Agrar Posts: 24

    How do I add KB4484127 from "Exclude software from automatic installation".

    Do I add KB4484127.exe or should I use a Bulletin ID.

  • Vad
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    Hello Agrar,


    In the latest PM 14.30 Beta2 you can specify the patch by name and/or Bulletin ID, and also choose a software vendor. You can also check the results from the same dialog.


    Best regards,


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