Add mailaddress to alerts in web console

Hello to all,


I've a question.

When I try to change or add an e-mailaddress to the web console in the alerts section.

The console seams to save the new settings but after a refresh of the site the old settings are still present. How can I edit these settings?


We use the F-Secure Server Security


F-Secure Anti-Virus Scanning Service
Status: Wird ausgeführt
Version: 9.52.240

F-Secure Automatic Update Agent
Status: Wird ausgeführt
Version: 9.03.111

F-Secure Management Agent
Status: Wird ausgeführt
Version: 10.1.133


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  • jameschjamesch Posts: 150 Moderator
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    Hi Olikaa


    Can you please check the "Disallow user changes" checkbox in the Policy Manager Console, under the setting (standard view > settings tab > alert sending > alert forwarding) if it is disabled or enabled? Enabling this will disallow the change to be made through the Server Security web console on managed client.



  • olikaaolikaa Posts: 4

    Hi Jamesch,


    thank you for your reply.

    I found the settings and changed them.


    Best regards


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