wifi guess password resets after router reboot

I turn off my router when not using it but when I restart Sense I often have to re-enter the guest wifi password (the "main user" password is unaffected and does not need to be re-entered)


Am I doing something wrong? Why do I need to re-enter guest password after Sense reboot? Is that by design? I'd rather not have to re-enter the guest password every time after I reboot Sense router.  Thoughts?


  • SethuSethu Posts: 720 F-Secure Employee

    Hello @JamesW 


    May I also ask you to try switch SENSE WiFi channel and check again? i.e from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz


    Would it be possible for you to provide us the screen shot of Guest Wi-Fi and version of Firmware running on your Sense?

    To check firmware version for F-secure Sense, we assume you have installed the SENSE app on your Android or iOS device.


    1. Open F-secure Sense app.
    2. More (Bottom right corner)> Settings > Hardware
    3. Under Hardware> Security firmware, you can see the version.


    Note: you can able to see the Sense app settings only on admin device.

  • JamesWJamesW Posts: 14

    I think I corrected the issue.


    I had the guest wifi hidden but the "regular (admin?) wifi as not hidden.

    When I chnaged voth to "not hidden", there was no problem.


    So both "admin?" and guest wifi should both has same setting (not hidden)

    (I didn't try hiding them both)

  • SethuSethu Posts: 720 F-Secure Employee

    Hello @JamesW 


    Glad to know that you have managed to solved.


    May I know what channel that you have selected and using right now? Because we just need to double check that hidden feature does work with 5 Ghz or 2.4 Ghz guest network. You can also drop here the screen shot of Sense app settings and wifi channels page that will help us to be fairly self-explanatory.

  • JamesWJamesW Posts: 14

    I attached screen shots of wifi channels and firmware version.

    I'm using 5g wifi broadcasting and 2g wifi as hidden

    F4EAA5AE-6813-4D5B-82D7-EAA30448299B.pngwifi channels


    Edit -PII

  • JamesWJamesW Posts: 14
    using 5g only
    not using 2g wifi
  • SethuSethu Posts: 720 F-Secure Employee

    Hello @JamesW 


    The guess network feature should work with both channels. It's hard to say what is the root causes without analysis the logfile from Sense. Please get in touch with our F-Secure Support team.

  • JamesWJamesW Posts: 14

    I haven't tired guest and nonguest networks on the 2.4 g, I only tried on the 5g and it only works with both 5g networks broadcasting. If guest 5 g network hidden and other 5 g network is not, then guest network doesn't work


    I have them both broadcasting so it guest network is working

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