F-Secure Key renew does not work

F-Secure Key subsribtion renewal system does not work.


I have renewed my Key Password manager subscription using App Store by Apple. I have paid the bill a month ago, but I do not have received any new licence code, so the application is now on KEY FREE mode.


This same problem happened a year ago, too. Last year I had to call and wait and wait, until someone answered my call and after discussions with the support person I finally received my new licence code. So, during this one year nothing improvement has happened.


So, what should I do?


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  • SethuSethu Posts: 624 Moderator
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    Hello @Justus 


    F-Secure Key for iPhone/iPad devices are tied to the email ID if you purchase it from AppStore. Please make sure your iOS device using the same Apple ID with your F-Secure KEY purchase. You will then follow to below instruction to activate it.


    1. Open the F-Secure KEY app
    2. Tap Subscription
    3. Tap Restore iTunes purchases
    4. Tap Restore purchases
    5. F-Secure KEY is now activated


    Note:  If it does not gets activated or takes time to activate, remove F-Secure KEY from the device , restart and reinstall it back. Next follow back the steps again to activate it.

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