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I am trying to test the new feature in FSPM called "Network Isolation" that can be found under Operations.


I have tried this on a test machine but when I "Isolate" the host I can still use it; I can connect to it from another machine RDP/Dameware, I can connect to other resources when logged on to the Isolated machine.


So how does this work, do I need to configure other setting to be abe to use this function? The manual for FSPM does not show any details on how to configure this.




Is there any documentation on this

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    Hello Klaas,


    This operation is supported by the latest Client Security 14.10 only.

    After pressing the "Isolate" button for a specific host in PM Console, the notification window "To protect you and other network users, we have isolated this computer from network connections" should be shown to a logged in user of isolated host. All network connections (with exceptions which provides a possibility to communicate with PM), should be disabled after that.

    If this functionality doesn't work properly for you, please, contact support. We will need diagnostic information from affected machine for investigation.


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