Web Reporting - Top 10 critical security updates missing



I was wondering how this part of web reporting works.

In the web reporting / Software updater is has the Top 10 of missing updates.


How does this percentage work. Is it like WSUS, so FSPM knows that client run a certain OS so it needs this update but it has not yet been reported as installed. Or

Is it the percentage of the amount of clients I have deployed the update to?


Thanks in advance


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    Hello Klaas,

    F-Secure products do not use WSUS. Premium versions of Client Security and Server Security include Software Updater component that proactively scans your computer for missing security updates and software patches and can deploy security patches automatically to make sure that your applications stay up-to-date.
    Scan results (list of missing patches) are reported to the Policy Manager where data is aggregated and presented in Web Reporting. Percentage is calculated based on number of affected hosts in selected domain.
    Report Installed updates (last week) shows the list of deployed by Software Updater patches and number of hosts it was installed to.



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