DataGuard on network drive

Can I use DataGuard on network share? I'm afraid that malware could encrypt files on network share.


How can I enter network share into policy manager? I try with  \\\share and  \\\share\ but line is red in settings in Policy Manager. We don’t map network shares as drive on workstation, we use “direct” network name (eg. \\\xxx\).


I have Server Security installed on server but I think that it will not prevent changes on files which are accessible from other workstations via network share. Or I’m wrong?


How can I test if DataGuard is working?

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    Hi Dussan

    My apologies as I misread. What products are your clients using ? If you are using  Business Suite - Policy Manager and Client Security, then you do not have to pay attention to the red color, the newly added network path row can be distributed to the client anyway.

    This feature is still in Beta. Visual issue on Policy Manager should be addressed in the next release.




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