Move MS-SQL Quarantine database



we would like to move the Quarantine database used by the ESS to another MS-SQL server.

How can this be done? (is there a connect string we can edit on the ESS scanning servers?)


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    Path to SQL db is managed in WEBUI > Email quarantine > Options > Quarantine database.

    As for moving db here are basic steps:

    1. Stop the F-Secure Quarantine Manager service (so that potentially new files do not end up in quarantine)
    2. The new SQL instance should have the same version
    3. Create a backup from this database: FSMSE_Quarantine
    4. On the new host, stop the F-Secure Quarantine Manager service
    5. Restore this backup inside of the new instance

    Remark: This has nothing to do with your F-Secure Quarantine Storage

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