Key Premium connect devices.

Hello, I have Premium F-secure Key On three devices, 1 x iPhone, 1 x iPad and 1 x PC. These three devices uses to sync with each other with no problems, but not anymore.

I have tried to reconnect, but getting a request for a sync code from one of my other devices. The problem is I get this message on all of my devices, so I cannot get a synch code meaning that I cannot sync between devices.

Logging into my account shows that all my passes have been used, the other two must be on devices which are no longer in use.

How can I get around this problem?



  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 724 Moderator

    Hello @FedUpWithSAFE 


    May I know which version of F-Secure KEY running on your iOS device? and would it be possible for you try the following steps to see if the issue is resolved?


    • Disable WLAN(wifi) then switch to 4G mobile network to check sync is working.
    • Temporarily turn OFF the Anti-Virus software if any.
    • Also try turn OFF the VPN if you have install on your device.

    If none of the above improve the situation, please check the subscription validation period for your F-Secure KEY premium. i.e Open F-secure KEY app> tap Subscription.

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