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  I want to buy a F-secure Sense but i see that he didn't support WPA3. New Android 10 support WPA3.

If i buy F-secure Sense it's not for a few months.


Wifi Alliance : https://www.wi-fi.org/discover-wi-fi/security



Certified phone : https://www.wi-fi.org/product-finder-results?sort_by=default&sort_order=desc&categories=4&capabilities=16






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    Hello @Paradise 


    Thank you for your interest in F-Secure Sense, I will check this with our Sense team and will update you here soon.

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    Unfortunately it seems WPA3 also has security issues?




    I'm hoping for a "software solution" for both WPA2, and WPA3 but in the meantime I guess I could always just use an ethernet cable to plug my laptop directly into the router instead of using wifi or use an usb to ethernet adapter with ethernet cable to plug chromevook/ touchpads directly to the router.

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    Thanks for your reply.


    Today my routeur is a FRITZ!Box 7590.

     They also plan to support WPA3 :  https://avm.de/service/fritzbox/fritzbox-7590/wissensdatenbank/publication/show/3481_Unterstutzt-die-FRITZ-Box-WPA3/


     My routeur is a Synology RT2600AC with VDSL link 100/40 Mbits and cable as backup and 4G for testing (also as backup).

    Since a few month Synology support WPA3. : https://www.synology.com/en-global/srm/feature/convenient_wireless_control


    Also 1 MR2200AC for mesh and also WPA3 compatible.


    (i my new house, i will have 1 other MR200AC (RT2600AC on -1 floor, MR2200AC on ground floor and MR2200AC on the 1st floor)


    I like to buy a SENSE but he must be compatible with WPA3. If not i will wait SENSE2 who will support WPA3 (i am sure ;-) ).


    Some of  my smart devices will be on a special VLAN with SENSE as protection against cyber attacks (TV, Blueray, home multimedia, fire tv, LIFX,...)


    Why ?

    With the RT2600AC I have a threat prevention program.
    I am very surprised by the number of attacks to try to get rights from the Internet on home machines. Protecting a PC, NAS, server is quite easy but I have a big fear on smart devices. Because these objects rarely have updates.


    I have ± 40 IP addresses that are used by smart devices
    (Sonos, Neato, Husqvarna, Netatmo, LIFX, HUE, Samsung, Alexa, Google Home,...)
    (Sonos and Alexa in each room)


    Best regards,






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