Will not accept sync code Window 10 and Android

When attempting to sync my Windows 10 (all updated) and Android (all updated) I receive a message that I have input the incorrect sync code. I receive the message when trying to sync to my phone from the computer, as well as trying to sync to the computer from the phone. I really am frustrated- again. I have failed to sync more often than succeeded to sync in my multi-year relationship with Key.


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.


    It is indeed strange and sadly that you are so experienced with this kind of trouble.


    But what about your current situation: did you try any suggestions from previous topics about subject?

    And, by the way, why sync is needed on current day? It is fresh Windows 10 device or fresh Android device? Or there was reinstallation for F-Secure KEY?

    Or devices were synced but it goes be broken; and you try to sync them back?



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