Windows 10 v1903 Failed to Install Error

While installing the latest Windows 10 May 21, 2019 update version 1903 I am getting the error message failed to install. The Windows 10 v1903 freezes while installing, I run the update troubleshooter but this won’t worked for me can anyone know install the latest May 2019 version 1903 update in Windows 10.

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  • lorien0688lorien0688 Posts: 3
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    Well. thanks for the reply, but now my problem is fixed and the VPN start working again. I got the solution in the article and tried the steps given here.


    To fix the VPN not working issue first I temporarily disable the antivirus and Windows firewall, later updated the WAN Miniports drivers and after the updating the VPN starts working in Windows 10 again.


  • jameschjamesch Posts: 97

    Hi Lorien


    Can you please advise if you have Business Suite Client Security installed ?


    Does it notify you which processes are being blocked during the Windows 10 v1903 upgrade ?


    With "Access Control List" and "Discover trusted applications automatically" enabled in DataGuard, the feature does not trust C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe, C:\Windows\System32\sihost.exe and C:\Windows\System32\PickerHost.exe by default.


    To workaround the issue, you can add the target path where the Windows process is working on, to the excluded folders in the Profile Editor at:
    DataGuard > Manually defined folders > Excluded folders

    Besides that, the application (for example, OneDrive, etc.) that is installed to the user directory is not trusted too. To workaround the issue, you can add the application path to the trusted applications in the Profile Editor at:
    DataGuard > Access control list > Manually added trusted applications and folders

  • Thanks for response, but I fixed the VPN not working issue by temporarily disabling the antivirus and firewall programs, and after that I updated the WAN Miniports drivers.

    This worked for me



  • Which security product are you using?
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