Internet speed drops with Sense



I'm trying to understand why my internet speed drops a lot when using Sense...


Without Sense


With Sense 5Ghz


With Sense

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    Hi @SportyPete 


    May I know if this speed has been deteriorating overtime or this has been the usual speed from inception?


    Routing capacity is roughly between 350-650 Mbit/s when the security features are turned on and will depend on your traffic profile; that is, whether you are just browsing or also downloading files, or uploading content to the Internet or using a streaming service to watch a movie.


    In addition, the frequencies depend on your distance from the SENSE router. Try to save both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz so that your device(s) can auto switch to the best available network.


    If the speed has dropped overtime, we can recommend a hard reset first while you monitor afterwards.


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    Hi @SportyPete 


    Kindly have a look at this KB article here and see how you can better understand the factors that affect coverage and speed.


    Also have a look at this post here.

  • Hello...


    I see that your technical part says max speeds between 350-650 Mbit/s... I'm only having 70Mbit/s..


    I only have my PC connected and no other device... When I test not using Sense I get 70Mbit/s... With Sense it drops down to 30Mbit/s..


    I also have FTTH.... and the Sense is connected by CAT cable to the router....



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