Internet speed drops with Sense



I'm trying to understand why my internet speed drops a lot when using Sense...


Without Sense


With Sense 5Ghz


With Sense

Accepted Answer


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    Hi @SportyPete 


    Kindly have a look at this KB article here and see how you can better understand the factors that affect coverage and speed.


    Also have a look at this post here.

  • Hello...


    I see that your technical part says max speeds between 350-650 Mbit/s... I'm only having 70Mbit/s..


    I only have my PC connected and no other device... When I test not using Sense I get 70Mbit/s... With Sense it drops down to 30Mbit/s..


    I also have FTTH.... and the Sense is connected by CAT cable to the router....



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