f-secure client securiy 9.11 settings

dear sirs,

I'd like to know the best setting for my product. I had the version 8 and it was possible to set the type pf protection: high, normal and low. In the present version I'm not able to find similar settings. I installed this version two days ago and I noted that the computer performance decreased respect to the previous version.

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  • Stephan
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    Hello peruetti,


    Yes, we removed those profiles from the virus protection.

    (Note: Firewall still has profiles)


    The protection is very high with the default settings, there is no need to change the defaults unless you have a very specific reason to do so in your environment.

    However it is strange to hear that the performance of version 8 was better on your machine.


    Version 9 is much faster and lighter than version 8 ever was.


    Which operating system do you use?

    What is the CPU speed and memory size?

    Are there other security products installed?


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  • peruetti
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    thanks a lot for your reply.

    My Operating System is XP SP3, the computer is a dell latitude d620 (dual core) with 3 gb of ram. I haven't other security product.

    May I ask you something about the Rescue CD?


  • Stephan
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    On that machine you should not feel the client security at all.

    Could you please create a FSDIAG (start - all programs - f-secure - support tool) and submit it to our support?

    Please describe the performance issues in as much detail as possible when opening your request.


    You can reach our support here:




    Feel free to ask your question about the rescue CD.

    Though, could you open a new topic for your question?

    This will help others who might have the same question to find the thread more easily.


    Best regards,


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