Email and Server Security and Exchange 2016 : smtp relay and Edge roles

Good morning.

In admin guide, on page 34, it is specified "Do not specify the server where the Edge role is
installed as Internal SMTP Sender."

Our internal Exchange servers have all the Edge role. Should we specify their IP address ?


This sentence is not clear also : "Note: If the organization has Exchange Edge and
Hub servers, the server with the Hub role installed
should be added to the Internal SMTP Sender on
the server where the Edge role is installed."

Can anyone explain these things ?





  • Jamesch
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    Hi Emmanuel


    As far as I know, there should be only one Edge server to filter incoming mail flow.

    "The Edge Transport server role is designed to sit in a perimeter network, providing secure mail flow in and out of your organization. "

    Was your Exchange 2016 upgraded from 2013, which allowed both roles on one server ?

    Logic is following server standing on perimeter should not be listed as internal sender and other servers that are in local network should be listed

  • Hi Jamesch


    Thank you for your reply.

    We have actually 2 2016 Exchange servers upgraded from 2013. This is why they play hub and edge roles.

    They are located in a LAN, not in a perimeter network. They receive emails from a perimeter relay, and send emails to another perimeter relay.

    Shall we add our Exchange server as internal SMTP senders ?




  • Jamesch
    Jamesch Posts: 357 Moderator

    Hi Emmanuel


    Yes, please add the Exchange servers in LAN as Internal SMTP senders

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