F-Secure Software Updater and the tower of Babel.

Dear Sirs,


A hungarian F-Secure PSB customer complains that "Software Updater" module sometimes upgrades the version of various application software with a different national language. For example, WinRAR version N hungarian edition is installed on the computer but F-Secure SWUP replaces it with WinRAR version N+1 in the spanish or english language .


Considering that only a small percent of hungarian people speak foreign languages, that's a significant obstacle for many end users and creates a lot of extra work for sysadmins. Please see if some remedy could be provided for that problem.


Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.


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  • DmitriiEreminDmitriiEremin Posts: 11
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    Dear etomcat,


    Could I please kindly ask you to collect a diagnostic file with help of our F-Secure Support tool and send it to our technical support? We will be able to check, why F-Secure Software Updater detects a wrong language on your operating system. And after this we will be able to fix such behavior quickly.


    Best regards, Dmitrii.

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