Horrible user experience when trying to renew my Key Premium licence

My licence for Key prenium is about to end. I wanted to buy new licence but it was so difficut that I gave up and bought other password manager licence instead.


If you want to drive your customers away from Key you are doing great job!


1. I tried to renew my licence inside the Key program.

2. Program told me to log in with my F-secure account.

3. I have such account or so I thought I tried to log in with it.

4. Turns out that my account has been deleted as it has not been used in couple of years. And F-secure never bothered to inform me about deletion of said account.

5. I register new F-secure  account.

6. I go to Key again and log in with the new account. Then Key tells me that this account can't be used for buying licence for Key. Why was prompted to use this account then?

7. I have spent 4 hours on this and decide to give up.

8. I go to site of different commercial password manager, buy licence and in 15 minutes I have working program, licence and all my passwords exported there.





  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 724 Moderator

    Hello @Comadrin 


    Thank you for sharing your F-Secure KEY renewal experience with us. We will use your feedback for future improvement and I am really sorry about your disappointment. After thorough checking of your email address, there is no purchase information found for previous year in our internal system.


    However,  there are two different types of purchase options available for F-Secure KEY premium. F-Secure KEY premium standalone package and F-Secure TOTAL includes ( Safe , Freedome VPN , KEY premium).


    So if your previous purchase was a standalone package of  F-secure KEY premium which can be activated using voucher code, but I am afraid that you were selected Login option by mistakenly as result that redirected to My F-secure account. 


    It would have been easier for us to check if you were reached our F-Secure Support before changing the product.

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