Software updater "Could not install update"

Trying to update notepad++ company wide. I'm getting "Could Not install update" status message. Where to start troubleshooting?


FSCSPr 13.11,  PMC 13.12


  • MJ-perComp
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    I'd say "fssua.log" in
    if new versions
  • hyvokar
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    Seems that it just isnt working

  • Vad
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    Hello hyvokar,


    I have a ticket for such issue. Probably, this is a part of fssua log from your machine:

    2019-06-19 13:48:25.143 UTC+03:00 0D3C:0D7C #1 Deploy process finished, but the last patch (12) wasn't reported as installed
    2019-06-19 13:48:25.143 UTC+03:00 0D3C:0D7C #1 Event type: 7, ErrorCode: 255, Status: Deployment process was interrupted
    2019-06-19 13:48:25.143 UTC+03:00 0D3C:0D7C #1 Product: Notepad++ 7 x64, SP: Gold, BulletinID: NPPP-092, PatchName: npp.7.7.Installer.x64.exe
    2019-06-19 13:48:25.143 UTC+03:00 0D3C:0D7C #1 PatchName: npp.7.7.Installer.x64.exe, Patch file size: 3948688 bytes
    2019-06-19 13:48:25.143 UTC+03:00 0D3C:0D7C #1 Adding patch 'VOTD8PO+QGLHJHNSHYQCBA==' to hanging patches table\n


    As you can see, the patch was identified as hanging.

    Could you, please, try to install npp.7.7.Installer.x64.exe manually on one of affected machines?

    What will happen?


    Best regards,


  • hyvokar
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    is this the correct download location




    Fsecure support told me that they have replicated the problem in their lab and are working on it, so yes, that could be my case Smiley Happy

  • Vad
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    The last NPP patch visible from fsdaig i have is:


    Best regards,


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